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Committee to Repair to New-York


Friday, January 26, 1776.

A Letter from General Lee, dated 22d January, enclosing a Letter from the Committee of Safety of New-York, being received, was read.

Resolved, That a Committee of Three be appointed to consider what allowance ought to be made for paying the Troops in New-Jersey and Pennsylvania, and report to Congress.

The Members chosen, Mr˙ Ward, Mr˙ Harrison, and Mr˙ Allen.

Resolved, That an Order be drawn on the Treasurers, in favour of the Commissioners for Indian Affairs in the Middle Department, for the sum of one thousand Dollars; they to be accountable.

A Petition from sundry persons, respecting the Inlisting Apprentices, was presented and read.

The Congress taking into consideration the Letter from General Lee, with the enclosure:

Resolved, That a Committee of Three be appointed to repair to New-York, to consult and advise with the Council of Safety of New-York and General Lee, respecting the immediate defence of the said City; and that General Lee be directed to follow the determination of the said Committee thereupon.

That it be an instruction to the said Committee, in case the City cannot be defended, that they earnestly recommend it to the inhabitants immediately to remove their most valuable effects to a place of safety.

That the said Committee be further instructed to consult with General Lee and the Committee of Safety of New-York, about the Fortifications on Hudson' s River, and about fortifying the pass at Hell-gate.

The Committee appointed Mr˙ Harrison, Mr˙ Lynch, and Mr˙ Allen.


A Letter from Fort-Pitt, dated the 15th of January, with enclosures, were read.

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.