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Works recommended to be erected to prevent the enemy from passing into the country from Boston


The following is the Report of a Joint Committee appointed by the Committee of Safety and the Council of War, for the purpose of reconnoitring the Highlands in Cambridge and Charlestown, viz:

We have carefully examined the lands, and their situation, in regard of annoying and preventing the enemy from passing into the country from Boston, and are of opinion that the Engineers be directed to cause a Breastwork to be raised near the bridge, by the Red House, at the head of the Creek, near the road from Cambridge to Charlestown, on the south side of said road; also, a Breastwork raised at the north side of the road, opposite to the said Red House, and run in the same line as the fence now stands, upon the declivity of the hill there; also, a Redoubt on the top of the hill, where the guard-house now stands, and three or four nine-pounders planted there; also, a strong Redoubt raised on Bunker' s Hill, with cannon planted there, to annoy the enemy coming out of Charlestown, also, to annoy them going by water to Medford. When these are finished, we apprehend the country will be safe from all sallies of the enemy in that quarter. All which is humbly submitted.

Chairman of Sub-Committee from Committee of Safety.

Chairman of Sub- Committee from Council of War.

The Committee of Safety having taken the foregoing Report into consideration, apprehend the matter not to belong to them officially; and although they are persuaded the Highlands above-mentioned are important, yet, not being the proper judges what works are necessary to be constructed to make said posts tenable, are of opinion that the determination of this matter rests solely with the Council of War.


Ordered, That this Report be sent up to the Council of War.

The Council of War having sent in to this Committee, a proposal respecting the suspending the orders of Congress respecting the removal of the persons and effects of the Tories, and ordering the Crown Officers through the Continent to be apprehended:

Resolved, That the recommendation of the Council of War, respecting the seizure of the servants and friends of Government, improperly so called, and keeping them in custody until General Gage shall have complied with the condition proposed by him to the Town of Boston, and accepted by them, be referred to Congress, for their determination there on.

Voted, That this Committee adjourn to Congress, upon matters of great importance.