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William Williams and Others to New-York Congress



Westminster, June 9, 1775.

SIR: We, the subscribers, beg leave most humbly to shew, that being deeply impressed with the great importance of having a Regiment duly prepared, at the least notice, in this County, in order to keep under proper subjection Regulars, Roman Catholicks, and the Savages at the northward, as also to be ready at all times to defend our rights and privileges against Ministerial tyranny and oppression, seeing hostilities have already commenced, and the sword is actually drawn in order to enforce certain tyrannick and arbitrary acts of the British Parliament, replete with horrour, and repugnant to every idea of British freedom; we, the loyal inhabitants of this County, glowing with true martial ardour, and willing, with the utmost cheerfulness and alacrity, to unsheath the sword in defence of the lives and properties of the good people of this ancient and truly respectable patriotick Colony of


New-York, beg leave to offer our services in the defence of this Province, and America in general. We therefore, with due submission, propose cheerfully and with the utmost gratitude to accept (if your honourable Congress shall think proper) commissions from this honourable Provincial Congress, viz: Colonel, Lieutenant-Colonel, and Major.

We determine to be entirely under the command and order of the Provincial Congress, hoping we shall truly merit the favours of said Congress, and be useful instruments in serving this ancient and honourable Colony of New-York, as also the common grand American cause.

Sir your assisting us in this our humble request, and presenting to us the above-mentioned Commissions, would much oblige your most obedient humble servants,


To the Honourable P˙ V˙ B˙ Livingston, President of the Provincial Congress.

N˙ B˙ We hope to raise a Regiment of good active enterprising soldiers in this County, which we hope will reflect honour on this Colony. The arrangement of said commissions we desire might be according to the following order: Major William Williams, our Delegate, to be first Colonel; Major Benjamin Wait, Lieutenant-Colonel; and Captain Joab Hoisington, Major.