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The Committee met at the House of John Blagge


Croton River, at the house of Jno˙ Blagge.

The Committee, taking into consideration the necessity of having the earliest intelligence, came to the following Resolution, to wit:

As, in the present alarming situation of affairs, it is necessary that the Convention of this State should have the earliest intelligence from the Northern and Southern Armies:

Be it Resolved, That Mr˙ Hazard, Postmaster for the New-York Department, be requested to direct the Post, between New-York and Albany, to ride for the present time on the east side of Hudson' s River weekly; and that a Letter be written to the Postmaster-General on this subject, informing him of the reasons on which this Resolution is founded.

Colonel Van Cortlandt introduced a Letter from James Teller, which was read.

Thereupon, it was Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee that Mr˙ James Teller is entitled to the rank of Captain; and

Ordered, That he join General Clinton' s Brigade, with all possible despatch; and that he apply to Colonel Thomas for the first moiety of bounty due to his men, showing him this Resolution.