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Mr. Bollan to the Committee



Covent Garden, April 2, 1774.

GENTLEMEN: After being several times assured Jenkins would not take away his bag before Monday, my servant is now, after two, returned in great haste to let me know his bag might be taken away in a few hours, which obliges me to discontinue writing a letter of information at large, and in few words to inform you that after various difficulties my Petition to the House of Lords was presented, on which considerable debate ensued, and at length it was determined that I should be heard in support of my Petition, and was called in, and heard accordingly. That soon after the Bill passed to be enacted — that Lord North has not yet brought in his Bill for the better regulating of the government of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, in North America, for which leave was given on the 28th ult — that after being at the offices of the two Houses of Parliament this morning, calling at the Secretary of State' s office, I saw General Gage, who, in a few minutes, Mr˙ Pownall told me was Governor of Massachusetts Bay, or at least, would be appointed by the King to-morrow.

I am with the greatest respect for you, gentlemen, and the other members of the Council, your most obedient and most humble servant, W˙ BOLLAN.

The Hon˙ John Erving, Wm˙ Brattle, James Bowdoin, and James Pitts, Esqrs.