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March 14


At a meeting of the Governour and Council of Safety, March 14, 1776, Present;

His Honour the Governour Eliphalet Dyer, Jabez Huntington, William Williams, Jedediah Elderkin, Joshua West, Nathaniel Wales, Jun˙, and Benjamin Huntington, Esquires.

Voted, That Mr˙ John Me Cleave, of New-Haven, and he is hereby, appointed Second Lieutenant of the Brig Defence, instead of Lieutenant Hopkins, resigned.

Voted, That Captain Joseph Thompson be, and he is hereby, appointed as a Lieutenant, to inlist thirty Men to carry on and finish the Works begun at Black-Rock, in New-Haven, and to serve as troops under command of said Thompson at said Works, or where they shall be ordered in defence of this Colony, until further orders. Said Lieutenant Thompson to appoint two Sergeants to assist him in said service.

Whereas, the Treasurer of this Colony is doubtful concerning his duty to receive the Continental Bills into the Treasury in discharge of publick Taxes, laid by Act of the General Assembly, to be paid in Bills of Credit of this Colony, or silver or gold; and thereon he hath made application to the Governour and his Committee, appointed to


assist him in the recess of the General Assembly, for their advice. And, whereas, it is necessary to support the union of the Colonies, and the free circulation and credit of Continental Bills, that they be received in all payments. Thereupon it is,

Resolved, (By the Governour and his Council aforesaid,) That it is their clear and unanimous opinion, that the Treasurer take and receive the Continental Bills, so called, in all payments in the Treasury, and that he notify the same in the publick newspapers, that the Constables and Collectors of Taxes in this Colony may conform themselves accordingly.

Voted unanimously.

Orders made for Captain Edward Mott to repair with his Company to his station at Groton, and advise the Governour, from time to time, of his situation and proceedings, &c.

Voted, That Eliphalet Dyer and William Williams, Esqs˙, be appointed a Committee to repair to Philadelphia, and apply to Continental Congress for a remittance of Continental Bills due this Colony, and bring forward the sum received. To inform of the situation and circumstances of our two Regiments sent to New-York, and receive directions concerning them. To ask the loan of Cannon from New-York; and also desire the Colonels of the two Connecticut Regiments to remain there until further instructions. And to confer with our Delegates and others, on the matters relative to the state of the United Colonies, and the things needful for our defence and security, and to follow such instructions as are given them: and make report accordingly.

Voted, That Jabez Huntington and Benjamin Huntington, Esqs˙, be appointed a Committee to take the best advice they think proper concerning the mode of rigging the Row-Galley now building by Captain Lester, and order said Galley to be rigged accordingly.

And dismissed till next Tuesday.