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Charles Carrol to Maryland Council of Safety



Mount Clare, February 22, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: The enclosed was sent to my house at Annapolis, and by my clerk sent me up here. Mr˙ Hughes, by what he has heard, supposes there may be twenty nine-pounders cast by this time, though he has not, since we saw him at Baltimore Town, received any letter from his brother. There will be, he tells me, one thousand and eighty pounds of powder wanting to try them all; one hundred and eighty weight for the twenty nine-pounders, and nine hundred for the fifty eighteen-pounders, at the weight of the ball in powder for each gun. This, I suppose, must be ordered from Fredericktown; however, you will consider whether it may be necessary to send the powder for the eighteen-pounders till all or some of them at least be cast. You will observe what he says about the kinds of powder. I suppose that sent from Annapolis to Frederick was proper for cannon, if not, I do not know that we have any; the only method then we can fall upon, must be to diminish the quantity in proportion to the strength; this, I collected from him, was what he desired. I really do not know any person of experience and knowledge that we could appoint to attend the proving of them, and trying of their boxes, to find whether they were clear of material flaws. Major Pierce, if he be with you, perhaps may be able to inform you of one. Mr˙ Hughes mentioned Mr˙ Steel and Mr˙ Baird; if they understand it and will be pleased to undertake it, I am sure I shall not have the least objection to them. Mr˙ Cummings waits on you with his


bond; he has made some alterations; if you agree to them I shall have no objection.

I am, gentlemen, your most obedient, humble servant,

To the Council of Safety of Maryland.