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August 21


Wednesday, August 21, 1776.

Met according to adjournment.

Whereas some doubts have arisen whether the several Committees in this State will not expire on the meeting of the Legislative Council and Assembly:

It is, therefore, Resolved, That the said Committees shall continue to execute the duty of their office as heretofore, until otherwise ordered by the future Legislature of this State.


Whereas the late Ordinance of this Convention directing that all able-bodied men, without exception, between the ages of sixteen and fifty, should be forthwith enrolled, and deemed to be the Militia of this State, one-half of which were ordered into immediate service, hath not pointed out either the mode of levying the Fines payable by such as do not go out in their proper turn; or the use to which the same when levied shall be appropriated:

Resolved, therefore, That the said Fines shall be recovered by the Captains of the Companies in which the delinquents are enrolled, in the manner directed by an Ordinance of the late Congress, bearing date the 28th of October, 1775.

Resolved, That the Fines payable by those who have been or shall be enrolled in consequence of the late Ordinance of this Convention, passed the 11th of this instant, be appropriated to such publick use as the future Legislature of this State shall direct; and that the Fines pay able by those formerly enrolled be appropriated as is directed by the Resolves of this Convention, bearing date the 3d of this instant.

Resolved, That the Captains shall respectively be accountable for the amount of the Fines levied in pursuance of the Ordinance aforesaid of the 11th instant, to the future Legislature, or to such person or persons as they shall nominate and appoint.

And whereas this Convention have been given to understand that divers persons have been extremely aggrieved by excessive distresses for Fines incurred by breach of the several Militia Ordinances, goods to a great value having been seized for small Fines:

Therefore, Resolved, That all persons who shall hereafter be aggrieved by such excessive distresses be entitled to recover damages in like manner as for excessive distresses at common law.

The Committee of Accounts made report of sundry articles contained in the draft of an Ordinance for the payment of incidental charges; which, being read,

Ordered, That the same do pass.

Adjourned to three o' clock afternoon.

Met according to adjournment.

Adjourned without day.