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Letter from General Washington' s Secretary


Thursday, July 13, 1775.

A Letter from General Washington' s Secretary, dated nine o' clock, P˙ M˙, July 12, 1775, was read, and is as follows:

Head-Quarters, Cambridge, July 12, 1775, 9 o' clock, P˙M.

GENTLEMEN: By some late intelligence from Boston, received this day, of the state and situation of the enemy in and about Boston, his Excellency the General is of opinion that the re-enforcement of Militia proposed to the Congress may be dispensed with at present, without any injury to the publick service. The time of harvest, the expected Troops from the Southward, and the repeated calls which have been made of the like nature from this Province, are strong reasons to postpone this measure, if consistent with safety. And as these advices are so authentick as to deserve confidence, the General hopes his determination will be agreeable to the Congress. You will therefore, Sir, be pleased to communicate this to them, in order that the most early countermand may be given to orders, if already issued, or prevent them if they have not.

I have the honour to be, Sir, your most obedient humble servant,

By his Excellency' s command:

JOSEPH REED, Secretary.

To the Honourable James Warren, esq˙, President of the Honourable Provincial Congress, Watertown.

In case of Mr˙ Warren' s absence, or the dissolution of the Congress, this letter to be opened by the Committee of Safety.

JOSEPH REED, Secretary.

Whereupon, Resolved, That the Resolves passed yesterday, for raising a temporary re-enforcement, be reconsidered.