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Address of the Commons to the Lord-Lieutenant


To His Excellency SIMON, Earl HARCOURT, Lord Lieutenant General, and General Governour of IRELAND.

The humble Address of the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, in Parliament assembled.

May it please your Excellency:

We, His Majesty' s most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Commons of Ireland, in Parliament assembled, return your Excellency our sincere thanks for your most excellent speech from the throne.

We beg leave to express our highest satisfaction in being again assembled under so just and prudent a Chief Governour, our happiness at the favourable impression which our past conduct hath made upon your Excellency' s mind, and our gratitude to His Majesty for his paternal care of this Kingdom, in permitting to remain among us a Nobleman, distinguished by the many eminent virtues which have invariably adorned his publick character and private life.

Encouraged by an assurance of your Excellency' s cooperation and support, we cannot fail to give the strictest attention to the several great and important advantages that are the objects of your Excellency' s earnest recommendation; those benefits to our commerce, manufactures, and agriculture, solicited and obtained during your Excellency' s administration, deserve our warmest and sincerest gratitude and acknowledgments.

We shall cheerfully make provision for the necessary expenses of His Majesty' s establishments, as far as the circumstances of this Country will admit; sensible of the numberless blessings we enjoy under the best of Kings, and confident that your Excellency will continue faithfully to represent our loyalty and zeal to his sacred person and Government, your Excellency may be assured of our endeavours to contribute to the ease and honour of your administration, as we have, from experience, the strongest reason to rely upon your Excellency' s disposition uniformly to promote the welfare and happiness of the people of Ireland.

H˙ ALCOCK, Cler˙ Dom˙ Com.