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Representatives of a Majority of the Counties


"Philadelphia, November 9, 1775.

"GENTLEMEN: Your several letters, lately received, have been laid before the Congress. Those that respect the fort in the Highlands have been acted upon, and I here enclose you the resolutions of Congress thereupon, which you will please put in immediate execution. As soon as Congress have determined upon the other matters mentioned in your letters, the result shall be communicated to you, as I am directed to forward immediately, by express, the enclosed.

"I have not time to add but that I am, with respect, Gentlemen, your most obedient servant,

"JOHN HANCOCK, President.

"To the Members of the Convention of New-York."

"In Congress, November 8, 1775."

"Resolved, That it be recommended to the Convention of New-York, to empower the said Commander to call together and command two hundred men of the Militia of Dutchess, Orange, and Ulster Counties, and one Company of Artillery from the City of New-York, who shall be stationed in the Highlands until relieved by the Company of Artillery directed by this Congress to be raised in the City of New-York, and such other Continental troops as may hereafter be directed to take possession of the same.

"Resolved, That the Minute-Men or Militia, while on service, be maintained and paid at the same rate as the rest of the Continental forces.

"Resolved, That a number of the Militia of the Counties of Dutchess, Orange, and Ulster, be formed into Independent Companies, under the direction of the Commander of the said fortresses, and, in case of alarm, be directed to repair to the several stations in the Highlands, which, in order to prevent confusion, should be immediately assigned them.

"Resolved, That the troops which shall at any time hereafter be directed to garrison the fortresses in the Highlands be put under the direction of the Commander of the fortresses, except when headed by a General Officer.

"Resolved, That the Deputy Commissary-General be directed to provide sufficient provision for one thousand men for one month, and keep that quantity in stock.

"Resolved, That the Powder sent from this place to General Schuyler be remanded, if it can be any way spared, and left at the fortresses in the Highlands.

"Resolved, That the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania be requested to furnish the Colony of New-York with five hundred pounds of Powder, and forward the same immediately to Dobbs' s Ferry; that the Convention of New-York give order to receive it there, and send it as soon as possible to the fortresses in the Highlands.

"Resolved, That it be recommended to the Convention of New-York, if they have not already sent forward a sufficient number of Cannon for the defence of the fortresses erecting in the Highlands, that they immediately send forward to those fortresses so many of the Cannon at Kingsbridge, of the best quality and largest bore, as they may think necessary for that purpose."