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Proceedings of Virginia Committee of Safety on the charge against Ralph Wormley, Jun.



In Committee of Safety, at Williamsburgh,
April 22, 1776.

Ralph Wormeley, Jun˙, Esq˙, appearing before this Committee in custody, and being examined touching his Letter to Mr˙ John Grymes, of the 4th of April, 1776, lately intercepted from the said John Grymes, on his way to Lord Dunmore; the Committee hearing what he alleged in his defence, also examining Charles Neilson on oath, are of opinion that nothing appears to us in his conduct, or in the said Letter, to be within the offences defined by the late Ordinance for establishing a mode of punishment for the enemies to America in this Colony; but the said Letter being, in the opinion of this Committee, a full proof of the inimical disposition of the said Ralph Wormeley, Jun˙, Esq˙, against the rights of America, and showing a readiness to join the enemies of this Colony, provided he should be called and enabled so to do, this Committee do resolve, that the said Ralph Wormeley, Jun˙, Esq˙, be discharged out of custody, upon entering into bond, with approved security, in the penalty of ten thousand Pounds, conditioned that he do not correspond with the enemies of America, join, or in any manner aid or assist them; that he do not depart this Colony without leave of the Convention or Committee of Safety; and further, that he appear before the said Convention at any time during their next meeting, if he shall be required so to do.

JOHN PAGE, Vice-President.