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June 26,Letter from the New-Hampshire Delegates in Congress to Meshech Weare



Philadelphia, June 26, 1776.

SIR: The repeated misfortunes our Army in Canada have met with, make it necessary that a strong reinforcement should be sent there as speedily as possible. The many disadvantages we shall labour under by the enemy' s being in possession of that country and the lakes, are so obvious that it is needless to mention them. By the last accounts, General Burgoyne, with a large army, was as high up the St˙ Lawrence as Three Rivers, where he had defeated a detachment of two thousand men under General Thompson, and taken him prisoner. Sickness and other disasters have much dispirited our men, and unless they are speedily supported by a strong reinforcement, it is uncertain what will be the consequence. The New-England Colonies and New-York will be more immediately affected by our misfortunes there than the other Colonies; and from their situation it is likely will be able to afford the earliest assistance.

For these reasons Congress have come to the resolutions that are transmitted to you by the President, requesting that a regiment, in addition to that which was some time ago requested, be sent with all possible despatch from our Colony to join the Army in Canada. If those troops can be raised soon, it will have a tendency to raise the spirits of those already in that country, and will, in our opinion, be the only method of securing the frontiers of our Colony at the expense of the continent. We shall be exceedingly glad to know from time to time how you succeed in raising these troops. It would also be very agreeable and serviceable could we be informed of other transactions in the Colony. Please to send by first opportunity a copy of President Cutts' s commission; also any papers for showing Governour Wentworth' s authority for granting land westward of Connecticut River.

We understand Mr˙ Langdon intends to resign his seat in Congress; if that should be the case, we hope somebody will be immediately appointed in his room.

We have the honour to be, with great respect, your most obedient servant,

To the Hon˙ Meshech Weare, Esq.