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Letter from Joseph Trumbull to the President of Congress: He has found it necessary to purchase in Philadelphia twenty thousand barrels of flour for the Army at New-York and in Canada



[Read June 18, 1776.]

New-York, June 17, 1776.

DEAR SIR: I have found it necessary to send toPhiladelphia to purchase, and have there purchased, twenty thousand barrels of flour for the supply of the Army in and near this place and that inCanada, which it seems by GeneralSchuyler' s last letters cannot be subsisted by the quantity to be had in that country; and on that information


GeneralWashington has ordered me to ship flour from hence toAlbany, which I am now doing. The demand here being so much increased, and finding I could get that article fromPhiladelphia delivered here something cheaper than I could purchase here even now, thought myself justified in taking the measure; and as it cannot be effected without cash, and the chest here not being over-supplied, I have taken the liberty to draw on you, of this date, in favour of Mr˙Matthew Irwin, ofPhiladelphia, for sixty thousand dollars, payable at four days' sight, which, I hope, you will honour with payment, and have charged to me accordingly.

I have likewise desired Mr˙Irwin to purchase me what pork he can inPhiladelphia. If he can purchase any, I shall have occasion to draw on you in his favour for a further sum, which I shall do unless I am forbid by return of the post. I wish your direction whether I may or may not draw on you from time to time for such sums as I may want to use inPhiladelphia for necessaries for the Army.

I am, dear sir, with great esteem and respect, your most obedient, humble servant,

To the Honr˙John Hancock, Esq.