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Account of the Burning of the Light-House, on Light-House Island


Worcester, Massachusetts, August 2, 1775.

On Monday last, July 31st, we learn that a detachment of three hundred men from our Army, under the command of Major Tupper, were sent to Light-House Island, on information being received that the King' s Troops were rebuilding it. The enemy perceiving our people coming, prepared to receive them. Our Troops were ordered not to fire untill they landed, which they did, and went boldly up to the enemy, killed ten or twelve on the spot, among whom was the commanding officer, and took the remainder, about thirty-five in number, demolished the enemy' s works, and were preparing to embark; but the tide leaving them, they were obliged to tarry till its return; meantime a large number of boats from the men-of-war came up in order to re-enforce the enemy on the island, and a smart firing from both parties commenced; our Troops, however,


got safe back with their prisoners, with the loss of one man killed, and two or three wounded.