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Memorial of Colonel Bull, of the First Pennsylvania Battalion, Requesting Permission to Resign


A Memorial from Colonel Bull was read, setting forth, that "an attachment to liberty, and a regard for the rights of mankind, had induced him to take an active part in the present struggles for the defence of the same, and to offer his services as Colonel of the First Pennsylvania Battalion, which were accepted," but, that finding himself ill-treated by many of the officers in his corps, and that continuing in the command might prejudice the service, he was obliged, by a regard to the publick interest, to beg leave to resign his commission, humbly requesting that the Congress would proceed to a determination on the Memorial exhibited against him, and declaring that "the present untoward circumstances shall not alter his conduct, nor abate his zeal, and that whenever he shall be called upon again to serve his country, he shall with the greatest pleasure obey the summons."