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Letter from Captain Hulbert to John McKesson



New-York, April 10, 1776.

SIR: As Captain Cooper, the bearer, is waiting, in order to get a permit to take on board a load of provisions; and the Committee of Safety not yet making a House, he requests of me to inform you of his character. The gentleman belongs to Southampton, and has, to my knowledge, been employed in the publick service, to carry provisions from this to the eastward for our Army. And whilst I acted as a Committee-man for the town of Southampton, he always appeared to act for the publick good; and I give it as a private opinion, that he will act with prudence and caution, if he should be permitted by your House to take on board provisions for the distressed inhabitants at Dartmouth, or the eastern parts, &c. If you can in any way assist him in getting a permit, should take it as a peculiar favour, although it is no concern of mine, only to oblige, as far as I can, in my small sphere, every honest man to serve himself and country, &c.

I am, sir, your humble servant, JOHN HULBERT.

To Mr˙ McKesson.