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Connecticut Council of Safety


Tuesday, January 9, 1776.

At a meeting of the Governour and Council of Safety, Present:

His Honour, the Governour, Jabez Huntington, Esq˙, William Williams, Nathaniel Wales, Jedediah Elderkin, Joshua West, and Benjamin Huntington, Esqrs.

A number of Letters, to and from sundry persons, read, &c.

The subject of building, or purchasing, to be armed for defence, &c˙, according to the Resolve of the Assembly, in addition to the one lately purchased, by order of said Assembly of Captain Gregg, was considered, &c˙; and on the question,


Voted, That the Vessel, to be built or purchased for said purpose, be of not less than two hundred tons burden.

And then Voted, That Benjamin Huntington, Esq˙, and Captain Seth Harding, be a Committee to repair forthwith to Middletown, and other towns on the river, and such other places as they shall find necessary, and make diligent inquiry, whether and where, such warlike Vessel, fit for and suitable for the service designed, can be purchased and obtained; and how, and on what terms and conditions; and, also, where such Vessel can best and most advantageously be built for that purpose, and by whom, and on what terms, and to make report of whatever they may find and judge to be advantageous for promoting said service, to the Governour, and this Committee, as soon as possible. (And copy given.)

And then, on representation to this Board, that the Iron Furnace at Salisbury, belonging to Mr˙ Richard Smith, now in Boston, is in good repair, and capable of being improved to great advantage for the publick, by manufacturing Iron, casting Cannon, Cannon Ball, &c˙; On consideration thereof, it is,

Voted and Resolved, That Colonel Jedediah Elderkin be, and he is hereby appointed a Committee, to repair forthwith to said Furnace, and to the Iron Works of said Smith, at Suffrage, or higher up, and find the true state and circumstances of said Furnace, and how they may be improved for the benefit of the Colony, in either of the ways aforesaid; consult and advise, in the best manner he can, as to the propriety of immediately improving, and setting said works agoing, for any or either of the purposes aforesaid; and make the best estimate he shall be able, and with his best discretion, if he shall find it expedient, give proper orders for executing any, or either of said designs; and make report of his doings and opinion in the premises.

And he is further instructed to make inquiry after whatever can be collected of the Saltpetre and Sulphur belonging to this Colony, which was sent to the late Judge Livingston' s Powder-Mill at Claremont, to be worked into Powder, which mill has been blown up; and unless he find said mill rebuilt, or in such condition as that said materials are like to be soon worked up, he is directed to cause the same to be returned to this Colony; and also report make. (And copy given to him, and he set out next day.)

An Account of Captain Isaac Sears, laid in for sundries, supplied the Battery, &c˙, at New-Haven, viz: 17 cwt˙ 2 qrs˙ Cannon Ball, at fifteen shillings — and interest, eight shillings and nine pence; 9 cwt˙ 1 qr˙ 21 lbs˙ refined Iron, at twenty-eight shillings; and 3 cwt, 2 qr˙ 6 lbs˙ bloom Iron, at twenty-two shillings, &c˙; total, twenty pounds, eleven pence, lawful money; and the same is allowed; and that an order be given on the Pay-Table for the same. (And is done.)

And adjourned to Thursday, 18th instant.

Thursday, January 11, 1776.