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Colonel Joseph Reed to William Watson, Esq.



Camp at Cambridge, October 26, 1775.

SIR: Major Tupper will deliver you two vessels, late belonging to Tories in Boston, which are taken and detained by the General' s orders, together with their cargoes and other property, of which the Major will give you an account. Such articles as are perishable, you will immediately dispose of to the best advantage, and take care of the vessels until further orders. If Major Tupper could immediately man the brig from Plymouth, and be equipped without loss of time, in sending backwards and forwards here for ammunition, the General would not object to his going out on a cruise with her for a month or six weeks; but if it cannot be done in a few days, the season is too far advanced for this purpose. We suppose the vessels and cargoes being put into your hands, will enable you to advance such moneys as Major Tupper thinks necessary to reward those who have assisted in the enterprise, which we desire you would do.

I am, Sir, in haste, your most obedient servant,


To William Watson, Esq˙, Plymouth.

P˙S. You will please to advise the General of your proceeding hereupon, as soon as possible.