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Stephen Moylan to William Watson



Cambridge, November 8, 1775.

SIR: I wrote you the 6th inst˙, to which you will please to be referred. Your favour of the same date to his Excellency is come to hand. It is his pleasure that you sell the different articles found on board the two prizes, and transmit a copy of the sales to Head-Quarters when finished. The schooner and the sloop must be carefully laid up until further orders. I hope we shall soon hear of Captain Manly' s being successful, and that Captain Coit is again at sea, to pursue his good fortune, which I sincerely wish him a continuance of. The men, ammunition, &c˙, for the Washington will set out this day. I recommend all possible despatch to Captain Martindale; and assure you I am, Sir, yours, &c˙, S˙ MOYLAN.

To William Watson, Esq˙, Plymouth.