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Interview with a Committee of Congress


At a special meeting of the Council of Safety, November 24, 1776, — Present: David Rittenhouse, Vice President, Timothy Matlack, Samuel C˙ Morris, James Cannon, John˙ Bull, John Bayard, Samuel Morris, Sen˙, Fred˙ Kuhl, John Hubley, Henry Keppele.

A Committee of Congress requested an interview with as many Members of the House of Assembly as are in Town, and this Council: Whereupon a number of the Members of Assembly attended, and the following Resolutions of Congress were laid before them:

"IN CONGRESS, November 23, 1776. — Resolved, That a Committee of five be appointed, with full powers to devise and execute measures for effectually reinforcing General Washington, and obstructing the progress of General. Howe' s Army, and that they proceed immediately on this business.

"The Members chosen, Mr˙ Wilson, Mr˙ Smith, Mr˙ Chase, Mr˙ Clymer, and Mr˙ Stockden.

"JOHN HANCOCK, President"