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Frederick County (Maryland) Committee



At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Frederick County, at the Court House, on Tuesday, the 24th of January, 1775:

JOHN HANSON, Esquire, Chairman,


The Association and Resolves of the American Congress, and the Proceedings of the last Provincial Convention were read and unanimously approved:

1. Resolved, That Messrs˙ Charles Beatty, Henry Griffith, Thomas Sprigg Wootton, Jacob Funk, Nathan Magruder, Richard Brooke, Zadock Magruder, William Baker, Thomas Cramphin, Junior, Alexander Bowie, Junior, William Deakins, Junior, John Murdock, Thomas Johns, Bernard O' Neal, Brooke Beall, Edward Burgess, Charles


G˙ Griffith, Henry Griffith, Junior, William Bayly, Junior, Samuel Wade Magruder, Nathaniel Offutt, Archibald Orme, Joseph Threlkeld, Walter Smith, Thomas Beall, of George, Richard Crabb, William Luckett, William Luckett, Junior, Greenbury Griffith, Samuel Griffith, John Hanson, Thomas Price, Thomas Bowles, Conrad Grosh, Thomas Schley, Jonathan Wilson, Francis Deakins, Casper Shaaff, Peter Hoffman, George Scott, Baker Johnson, Philip Thomas, Alexander C˙ Hanson, Archibald Boyd, Arthur Nelson, Andrew Scott, George Striker, Adam Fischer, Ludwick Weltner, Van Swearingen, William M˙ Beall, Jacob Young, Peter Grosh, AEneas Campbell, Elias Bruner, Frederick Kemp, John Haas, John Remsburg, Thomas Hawkins, Upton Sheredine, Basil Dorsey, John Lawrence, Charles Warfield, Ephraim Howard, Joseph Wells, David Moore, Joseph Wood, Norman Bruce, William Blair, David Schriver, Roger Johnson, Henry Cock, Robert Wood, William Albaugh, Jacob Mathias, Henry Crawle, Jacob Ambrose, Daniel Richards, William Winchester, Philip Fishburn, William Hobbs, Thomas Cresap, Thomas Warren, Thomas Humphreys, Richard Davis, Junior, Charles Clinton, James Prather, George Dent, James Johnson, James Smith, Joseph Chapline, John Stull, Samuel Beall, Junior, William Baird, Joseph Sprigg, Christian Orendorff, Jonathan Hagar, Conrad Hogmire, Charles Swearingen, Henry Snavely, Richard Davis, Samuel Hughes, Joseph Perry, Joseph Smith, Thomas Hog, Thomas Prather, William M' Lary, John Swan, Eli Williams, Christopher Bucket, Thomas Brooke, Michael Raymer, Nicholas Tice, John Adlum, Samuel Harwood, Bartholomew Booth, Jacob Boyer, Michael Grosh, Jacob Miller, Andrew Bruce, John Darnall, John Remsburg, William Darrin, John Key, John Beall, John M' Callister, Charles Beall, Lewis Kemp, John Stoner, Thomas Beatty, Thomas Gilbert, Abraham Hoff, P˙ Henry Thomas, Jacob Good, Vestel Ridgely, Samuel Carrick, Abraham Hoster, Baltzer Kelcholumer, Samuel Emmet, John Cary, Christopher Edelin, Amon Riggs, John Grimber, Leonard Smith, Nicholas Hower, Richard Northcraft, John Herriot, Richard Smith, Zacariah Ellis, Azel Waters, Martin Cassil, James Johnson, George Bare, Benjamin Johnson, and Abraham Faw, be a Committee of Observation, with full powers to prevent any infraction of the said Association, and to carry the Resolves of the American Congress, and of the Provincial Convention, into execution; that any seventy-five of those gentlemen have power to act for the County, and any five in each of the larger Districts be authorized to act in any matter that concerns such Division only.

2d. Resolved, That Charles Beatty, Thomas Sprigg Wootton, John Hanson, Thomas Bowles, Casper Shaaff, Thomas Price, Baker Johnson, Philip Thomas, George Murdock, Alexander C˙ Hanson, Thomas Cramphin, Jun˙, William Bayly, Junior, Evan Thomas, Richard Brooke, Thomas Johns, Walter Smith, William Deakins, Junior, John Murdock, Bernard O' Neal, John Stull, Samuel Beall, Junior, James Smith, Joseph Chapline, Joseph Sprigg, Charles Swearingen, Richard Davis, Jonathan Hagar, and Joseph Perry, who were appointed at the last meeting of this County a Committee of Correspondence, be hereby continued, and that the duration of their authority be limited to the second Tuesday in October next.

3d. Resolved, As the most convenient and effectual method of raising the sum of £1,333, being this County' s proportion of the sum of £10,000 which the Provincial Convention has appointed to be raised for the purchase of Arms and Ammunition, that a subscription be immediately opened in every part of the County, and that the following gentlemen be appointed to promote such subscriptions in their several Hundreds:

For SALISBURY HUNDRED. — Jonathan Hagar, Henry Snavely, and Jacob Sellus.

For UPPER KITOCTON. — Peter Bambridge, Benjamin Eastburn, Casper Smith, and Thomas Johnson.

For the lower part of NEWFOUNDLAND. — Edward Burgess, Walter Beall, and Joseph Perry.

For SHIPTON. — Thomas Cresap, Moses Rowlings, and Richard Davis, Junior.

For GEORGETOWN. — William Deakins, Thomas Johns, and Walter Smith.


For SHARPSBURGH. — Joseph Chapline, and Christian Orendorff.

For lower part of POTOMACK HUNDRED. — William Bayly, Samuel Wade Magruder, Andrew Hugh, and Charles Jones.

For TOM' S CREEK HUNDHED. — William Blair, William Sheales, and Benjamin Ogle.

For KITOCTON HUNDRED. — George Striker, William Luckett, Junior, and Westel Ridgely.

For UPPER ANTIETAM HUNDRED. — Jacob Funk, Conrad Hogmire, Joseph Perry, and John Ingram.

For LINTON HUNDRED. — Martin Johnson, and Joseph Flint.

For CUMBERLAND HUNDRED. — Charles Clinton.

For MIDDLE MONOCACY HUNDRED. — Thomas Beatty, Matthias Ringer, Christopher Stull, and T˙ Fleming.

For ROCK CREEK HUNDRED. — Thomas Cramphin, Zadock Magruder, W˙ Baker, and Allen Bowie.

For SUGAR LOAF HUNDRED. — Francis Deakins, R˙ Smith, S˙ Plummer, Z˙ Waters, and Z˙ Linthicum.

For BURNT-WOODS HUNDRED. — Ephraim Howard, Charles Warfield, David Moore, John Lawrence, Henry Crawle, and William Hobbs.

For LOWER ANTIETAM HUNDRED. — Thomas Hog, Henry Butler, and Thomas Cramphin.

For LINGANORE HUNDRED. — John Beall, Charles G˙ Griffith, Nicholas Hobbs, Bazil Dorsey, and William Duvall.

For CONOCOCHEAGUE. — David Jones, Isaac Baker, and Jacob Friend.

For PINEY CREEK HUNDRED. — Jacob Good, John M' Callister, Samuel M' Farren, Abraham Heiter, and John Key.

For LOWER MONOCACY HUNDRED. — Lewis Kemp, John Darnall, Thomas Nowland, and Leonard Smith.

For NORTHWEST HUNDRED. — Samuel Harwood, Peter Becraft, and Richard Beall, of Samuel.

For MARSH HUNDRED. — Charles Swearingen, Eli Williams, James Smith, Richard Davis, Senior, and George Swimley.

For upper part of POTOMACK HUNDRED. — Brooke Beall, Samuel West, Nathaniel Offutt, and Alexander Clagett.

For SENECA. — Charles Perry, Richard Crabb, and Gerard Briscoe.

For PIPE CREEK HUNDRED. — Andrew Bruce, William Winchester, David Schriver, and Nathaniel Norris.

For MANOR HUNDRED. — Wm˙ Beatty, Joseph Wood, Junior, Azel Waters, John Remsburg, Abraham Hoff, and Valentine Creager.

For upper part of MONOCACY HUNDRED. — Henry Cox, Roger Johnson, and Richard Butler.

For upper part of NEWFOUNDLAND HUNDRED. — Henry Griffith, Richard Brooke, and Henry Gaither, Senior.

For ELIZABETH HUNDRED. — John Stull, Otho Holland Williams, John Swan, and John Rench.

For FREDERICKTOWN HUNDRED. — Phil˙ Thomas, Thomas Price, Baker Johnson, Peter Hoffman, and Ludwick Weltmer.


For SUGAR-LAND HUNDRED. — AEneas Campbell, John Fletcher, John Luckett, Alexander Whitaker, and Solomon Simpson.

The said gentlemen are instructed to apply personally, or by deputy, to every freeman in their respective Districts, and to solicit a generous contribution. They are ordered to state accounts of the money received, and to pay it to the Committee of Correspondence, which is hereby appointed to meet at Fredericktown, the 23d day of March next; and they are further ordered to report to the said Committee the names of such persons (if any) who shall refuse to subscribe.

4th. That Messrs˙ Thomas Johns, William Deakins, Charles Beatty, George Murdoch, John Stull, and John Swan, or any one of them, be empowered to contract, in behalf of the Committee of Correspondence, for any quantity of Powder and Lead, to be paid for on the said 23d day of March.

5th. In order that a Committee of Observation may be more conveniently chosen, and a more proper representation of the people may be had, the several Collectors, in


each Hundred, are desired to give notice, to those qualified by their estates to vote for Representatives, of some time and place of meeting, in the Hundred, to elect members for a Committee, agreeably to the following regulation:

When the number of taxables exceeds not two hundred, the District shall elect one member; where it exceeds two hundred, and amounts not to more than four hundred, the District shall choose two members; where it exceeds four hundred, the District shall elect three members. The Collectors are ordered to return such Representatives to the Committee of Correspondence, on the said 23d day of March; the Committee, so chosen, shall then meet, and the authority of the present Committee of Observation be dissolved.

6th. Resolved, That Messrs˙ John Hanson, Charles Beatty, Upton Sheredine, Baker Johnson, Philip Thomas, Jacob Funk, Samuel Beall, Joseph Chapline, John Stull, James Smith, Henry Griffith, Thomas Sprigg Wootton, Richard Brooke, William Deakins, and Thomas Cramphin, or any five of them, shall represent this County at any Provincial Convention to be held at the City of Annapolis, before the second Tuesday of October next.

A Petition, from the people called Dunkers and Menests, was read; they express a willingness freely to contribute their money in support of the common cause of America, but pray an exemption from the Military Exercise, on the score of their religious principles.

Resolved, That this Petition be referred to the consideration of the Committee to be chosen, agreeably to the fifth Resolve. In the mean time it is strictly enjoined that no violence be offered to the person or property of any one, but that all grounds of complaint be referred to the said Committee.

ARCH˙ BOYD, Clerk.