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Committee to consider the manner of supplying the Armed Vessels with Provisions and Ammunition


Ebenezer Thayer, Esq˙, was returned a Member from Braintree.

Jabez Fisher, Esq˙, came down and informed the House that the honourable Board had concurred with the Resolve relative to the grant to the St˙ Fran├žois Indians; and that they had non-concurred with the Resolve for not notifying those who have Receipts from the Receiver-General to return them to the Secretary' s Office.

Ordered, That Colonel Cushing, Colonel Thayer, and Colonel Freeman, be a Committee to consider in what manner the Armed Vessels, established by a Resolve of this Court, shall be supplied with Provisions and Ammunition.

Ordered, That the Secretary lay upon the table the Resolve for obliging the Collectors and others who have Receipts of Henry Gardner, Esquire, to lodge them or duplicates of them in the Secretary' s Office.

The Committee appointed to bring in a Resolve expressive of the Commission of the Committee to be appointed to prepare Accounts of the sums disbursed by this Colony, in the present contest with Great Britain, reported. The Report was recommitted for amendment.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Story, Major Moody, and Major


Goodwin, be a Committee to bring in a new Resolve, directing Collectors and others who are possessed of Receipts of Henry Gardner, Esq˙, for any Moneys set on any Town or District, as part of the Province Tax, to lodge the same or duplicates thereof, in the Secretary' s Office.