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Committee to bring in a vote for perfecting the regulation of the Militia


Voted, That the return of the Committee chosen to prepare a Vote to perfect the regulation of the Militia in this Colony, be received and established; which regulation is as follows, viz:

1. That the Commanding Officer of the Regiment in this Colony give notice to each Town in his Regiment, for all the training Soldiers to meet at the most publick and convenient place at said Town, in order to make choice of their Officers, agreeable to the directions of the Continental Congress, giving them eight days' notice; and that one or more of the Field-Officers attend said meeting, and see the matter fairly conducted, and then give out the Commissions to the several Officers that shall be fairly elected by said Soldiers; and that each Commission, so given out, be published by said Field-Officer or Officers so attending, as soon as may be, and attest the choice as aforesaid.

2. That each Town in this Colony, containing a sufficient number of training Soldiers to make two or more Companies, agreeable to the recommendation of the Continental Congress, be accordingly divided by a division line, to be drawn between them by the Selectmen and Committees of such Towns, or the major part of them.

3. That the Officers and Soldiers in the Militia be governed by a law of this Colony, formerly made for the regulation of the Militia, (excepting that clause that relates to calling the Companies together,) and that the Captains of the respective Companies of Militia of this Colony call their respective Companies together at least once a month, when the season will admit of it, in order to acquaint themselves with the use and exercise of Fire-Arms, according to the exercise published and printed in the year 1764.

4. That Regimental Musters shall he made once in every year, at such time or times as the General Officer shall appoint.

Voted, That the Colonel of each Regiment in this Colony have a copy of the above Vote, in order to settle their respective Regiments as soon as may be.