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Committee to Prepare a Letter to the Continental Congress


The Committee appointed to prepare the draught of a Letter to the Continental Congress, reported such draught, which was read the first and second time, and ordered to be engrossed.

The following engrossed Letter to the Continental Congress was read, approved, and ordered to be signed by the President and despatched immediately:

In Provincial Congress, Trenton, October 14, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: This Congress finding that, in order to enable them to provide a sufficient quantity of arms and ammunition, and such other articles as are essentially necessary to enforce the operations of the present glorious struggle for liberty, a very considerable fund must at all events be immediately raised; and as this Congress, in all cases of importance, think it necessary that they should have some knowledge of the sentiments of the Continental Congress, I am directed to apply to your House, and to inquire whether it is consistent with the measures the Continental Congress have adopted, to let any of the Provinces have the use of such a sum of the Continental currency as may be sufficient to answer their particular exigencies, upon the faith of such Province; and, if so, what sum the Continental Congress can spare, and upon what terms, for the use of New-Jersey at this time.

Anxiously desirous of rendering every possible assistance to the common cause, this Congress have it before them to make provision sufficient to enable them, at least, to raise four thousand Minute-Men, to take the field on any emergency; but as it is uncertain what provision the Continental Congress may have thought proper to make for such Minute-Men, if called into actual service, I am likewise directed to apply to you for information in this respect.

This Congress beg the favour of an answer as soon as possible. By order of Congress.

I am, Gentlemen, your most obedient humble servant,


To the Members of the Honourable the Continental Congress, now sitting at Philadelphia.

The Congress adjourned till nine o' clock, on Monday morning.