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Selectmen or Committee of Each Town


Met according to adjournment.

Received a Petition from a number of gentlemen at Portsmouth, respecting the removing of the several Records from, the Town of Portsmouth to Exeter; which being read and considered,

Voted, That the Vole be not reconsidered, as desired by the petitioners.

Voted, That two Companies, not exceeding sixty-six men each, including officers, be raised of the inhabitants of this Colony, to be commissioned by the Committee of Safety; and that they be stationed as this Congress or Committee of Safety shall think proper.

Voted, That Colonel Meshech Weare be of the Committee of Safety.

Voted, That the Honourable Meshech Weare, esq˙, be President pro tempore.

Voted, That the Committee at Newburyport have the loan of two 24-pound, or 32, or 6-pound Cannon; and the Reverend Mr˙ Stearns and Mr˙ Webster be a Committee to acquaint them of the same.


Voted, That it be, and hereby is recommended to the Selectmen or Committee, to take an exact list of all the Fire-Arms fit for use in their respective Towns and Parishes in this Colony; also, of what are wanting in each Town and Parish, and lay the same before, this Congress at their next meeting, by their Delegates.

Voted, That this Congress be adjourned to eight o' clock to-morrow.