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Irish House of Commons



Thursday, November 23, 1775.

Sir John Blaquiere presented to the House a Message from his Excellency, signifying that "he had His Majesty' s commands to acquaint the House, that as the present exigencies of affairs required sending an additional number of Troops to America, he had the firmest reliance on the loyalty of his faithful Commons of Ireland, to admit his sending abroad a number of the Troops on this establishment,


not exceeding four thousand men, which shall no longer continue a charge on this Kingdom, but be immediately on their leaving the same in the pay of Great Britain." "And to show His Majesty' s gracious regard for the safety and defence of this Kingdom, if the Parliament shall desire it, he will replace the said four thousand men with an equal number of foreign Protestants, (subjects of the Prince of Brunswick and the Prince of Hesse Cassel,) to be continued here, in the pay of Great Britain, as soon as His Majesty shall be enabled to send them by his Parliament of Ireland."

This Message was read again by the Speaker, and ordered on the Journals of the House.

Sir John Blaquiere moved that the House do on Saturday next resolve itself into a Committee of the Whole House, to take his Excellency' s Message into consideration.