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Letter to the Selectmen of Billerica


The Committee appointed to consider on the application from Billerica, &c˙, reported; the Report amended, accepted, and is as follows, viz:

In Provincial Congress, April 7, 1775.

Resolved, That the following Letter be signed by the President, and directed to the Selectmen of Billerica:

GENTLEMEM: This Congress, deeply sensible of the high-handed insult offered to the Town of Billerica, the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay, and this Continent in general, in the vile and ignoble assault on the person of Thomas Ditson, by a party of the King' s Troops, under General Gage' s command, do highly approve of the manly and resolute conduct of the Town of Billerica, by their manifesting a due resentment to the General, and demanding a constitutional satisfaction.

Notwithstanding you have not received that satisfaction from the General which you had a just right to expect, yet this Congress humbly hope, under Providence, that the time is fast approaching, when this Colony and Continent will have justice done them, in a way consistent with the dignity of freemen, on such wicked destroyers of the natural and constitutional rights of Americans.

Gentlemen, we are confident that the Town of Billerica will still continue in the candid pursuit of peace and good order, which manifestly appears in their late conduct.