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Samuel Thompson to the Committee of Safety



Brunswick, Maine, April 29, 1775.

I this minute have an opportunity to inform you of the state of our affairs at the eastward, that we are all staunch for country, except three men, and one of them is deserted. The other two are in irons. As for the vessels which attempted to convey stuff to our enemies, are stopped, and I am about to move about two hundred of white pine masts and other stuff got for our enemies' use. Sir, having heard of the cruel murders they have done in our Province makes us more resolute than ever; and finding that the sword is drawn first on their side, that we shall be animated with that noble spirit that wise men ought to be, until our just rights and liberties are secured to us. Sir, my heart is with every true son of America, though my person can be in but one place at once, though very soon I hope to be with you on the spot. If any of my friends inquire after me, inform them that I make it my whole business to pursue those measures recommended by the Congresses. We being upon the sea-coast, and in danger of being invaded by pirates, as on the 27th instant, there was a boat or barge came into our harbour and river, and sounding as they went up the river.

Sir, as powder and guns are wanted in this eastern part, and also provisions, pray Sir, have you thought something on this matter against I arrive, which will be as soon as business will admit. Sir, I am, with the greatest regard to the country, at heart your ready friend and humble servant,