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Letter from the Portsmouth Committee to the New-Hampshire Congress



Committee-Hall, Portsmouth, November 13, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: On the representation of the Delegates for this town, representing the inhabitants in Congress, that a motion being made we should take under consideration a recompense for Dr˙ Hall Jackson' s services as surgeon to the Army at Head-Quarters, do, in consequence thereof, beg leave to inform the Congress, that on the news arriving in this town of the battle at Charlestown, in June last, and being well informed that a gentleman of known abilities in surgery was much wanted, did immediately apply to Dr˙ Jackson, and entreated his setting off for the camp without delay, to assist any distressed officers or soldiers that might he unfortunately wounded. Whereupon, he expressed a readiness, and observed he would, at our request, proceed without delay, and trust to a future day for reward. We therefore take the liberty to represent, that Dr˙ Jackson set off the 19th June on the purpose aforesaid, and was continued in that service till the 17th October, excepting about three weeks. At different times he was in this town to visit his family, in which time he was constantly employed in constructing carriages and mounting sundry field-pieces. For which services this Committee, with deference to the honourable Congress, adjudge an allowance of fifteen pounds, lawful money, per month, for all services and expenses during the time aforesaid.

By order of the Committee:

H˙ WENTWORTH, Chairman.

To the Honourable Congress for the Colony of New-Hampshire.