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Oath taken by Stephen Bayard


Upon application of Dr˙ Kearsley, for a Clerk to assist


him, while in confinement, in settling his affairs, it is agreed by this Board that he should be permitted to have one, and that the said Clerk should take the following Oath, viz:

"You do swear that, as clerk to Dr˙ John Kearsley, you will transact, for and with him, such business only as shall be necessary for the settlement of his private affairs; and that you will not transact, with him or for him, any matters whatever of a publick nature, or in any manner respecting the political disputes between Great Britain and the United American Colonies; and that you will, to the utmost of your power, prevent the said John Kearsley from carrying on any correspondence of that nature, with any person or persons whatever; and that you will make known to the Committee of Safety any attempts that the said John Kearsley, or any other person, should make for that purpose, if the same comes to your knowledge."

It was agreed by this Board, that Mr˙ Stephen Bayard should attend Dr˙ John Kearsley, as a Clerk, and be permitted at all times to attend him in the settlement of his private affairs; and Mr˙ Bayard took and subscribed the above Oath.