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Maryland Council of Safety to Delegates in Congress



[No˙ 24.] Annapolis, February 24, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: We some time since informed you that we had appointed a number of persons, in each County of the Province, to collect all the gold and silver coin that can be got within this week, or ten days. We have had applications from several of those who were appointed to


furnish them with cash to exchange, without which, they tell us, many people will not part with the gold and silver. We would willingly supply Provincial money, but the state of our Treasury prevents us. The demands are very considerable for raising clothing, and paying the troops, and furnishing rations, to say nothing of other disbursements. If you do not send us down the plates and paper soon, the Treasury will be totally exhausted; therefore, we take the liberty again to remind you of forwarding them to us.

With regard to gold and silver, we think something handsome might be collected, but cannot say how much. Should the Congress approve of sending down Continental money, we will engage to return gold and silver for whatever they send, not exceeding eight thousand pounds, or to return the money again. Without this, we apprehend gold and silver cannot be procured, in any considerable quantity, until the new emission of our money, when we can supply the collectors with cash. We lay the affair truly before you, and must leave it to yourselves to move the Congress, or not, as you may think best. We wish to hear from you on every important occasion, and are much obliged to Mr˙ Alexander for the intelligence he hath been so kind as to communicate to us, from time to time.

Our troops are drawing together very fast. We should be glad to have the arms intended for this Province as soon as possible, that we may distribute them. The manufacture of guns goes on but slowly amongst us, from the best information we can get. Pray purchase, for the use of this Province, fifty reams of cartridge-paper, and send it to us by the first opportunity. We will remit the money as soon as we are furnished with the cost of it.

We are, &c.

To the Deputies of Maryland in Congress.