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November 23, 1775


At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present —

Daniel Roberdeau, Chairman, George Clymer, Alexander Wilcocks, James Mease, Owen Biddle, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Samuel Howell.

Thomas Dewees, Jail Keeper, having exhibited his Account to this Board, for the expenses of the different Guards at the Jail, while Dr˙ Kearsley, J˙ Brooks, and Leonard Snowden were confined there, and three different Accounts for the maintenance of said Kearsley, Brooks, and Snowden, it was

Resolved, That the said Accounts be allowed, and that Orders be drawn for the same.

Accordingly, three Orders were drawn in his favour, on Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, and others, the Committee of Accounts, amounting, in the whole, to fifty-three Pounds, four Shillings, and one Penny.

One for twenty-two Pounds, fourteen Shillings, and ten Pence, to be charged to this Board, for Guard expenses. One for eleven Pounds, seven Shillings, and five Pence, to be charged to Dr˙ John Kearsley, for Guard expenses.


One for eight Pounds, twelve Shillings, and two Pence, to be charged to Dr˙ Kearsley, for his expenses while in Jail.

One for ten Pounds, nine Shillings, and eight Pence, to be charged to this Board, being for the expenses of J˙ Brooks and Leonard Snowden.

Resolved, That Captain Dougherty be directed to give orders to the Captains of the Armed Boats to make returns of the Blankets and Bedding belonging to the men in their respective Boats, and that such return be made to this Board on Monday next.

Colonel Roberdeau and Mr˙ Biddle report their having examined the Baggage belonging to Officers of the Ministerial Troops at Boston, taken from on board the Ship Hope, Captain Curwin, from Cork, the 12th of August last, and they now deliver a list of them. And they further report, that they have put the whole into the hands of Robert Towers, Commissary, to be taken care of.

Ordered, That the Continental Congress be furnished with a list of the abovementioned Officers' Baggage.

This Board understanding that a quantity of Sail Cloth, take out of the wreck of the Ship Rebecca & Francis, with other things belonging to her, are to be sold on Tuesday next, at Absecom Beach, it is

Resolved, That Joseph Moulder be employed to go down to said sale, and purchase, for the use of this Board, the said Sail Cloth and Sails, at such price as he may think they may be worth, and the Cables and Rigging, if they can be got at low prices.

Dr˙ Duffield, who went yesterday to inquire of the Overseer at the Pest-House, upon what terms he would agree to attend and supply such sick persons as should be sent there from the Armed Boats, now reports, that the said Overseer agrees to attend the sick, and furnish them with provisions, drink, and wash for them, at the rate of ten Shillings per week for each man, and two Shillings per week for fire-wood. And the Doctor informs the Committee, that he and Dr˙ Rush will attend at the Pest-House in rotation, and take proper care of the sick and wounded men.