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Committee of Exeter, N. H., To Committee of Company



In Committee of Safety, Exeter, June 14, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: In compliance with your request, we have agreed to spare you twenty-five pounds of powder out of our small stock, which is all we can possibly spare at present. Have advised Mr˙ Burbank to purchase lead, as we suppose he will be able to procure that article without any difficulty. As to arms, its out of power to supply you, nor do we think they are to be had in the Province. If the Indians should have any design to trouble our frontiers, we flatter ourselves we shall have such notice of their designs, as to be able to guard ourselves against them. We have determined to employ three companies at present on the frontier for the purposes of observation, which will, we suppose, afford you both necessary information and security for the present.

You may rest assured that it was merely an oversight, unless, as we rather suppose, the letter failed, that your Town was not desired to send a Delegate to the Congress. If you think proper, we think it quite suitable that you choose some person or persons to represent you at the next meeting of the Congress, which will be the 27th of this month.

We have enclosed a copy of the letter on which the other Towns have acted.