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The Troops ordered to be raised


Friday, September 1, 1775.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

The Order of the Day, for taking into consideration the Paper laid before the Congress, purporting to be a Confederacy of the United Colonies, being called, was ordered to lie over till Monday.

Mr˙ John Birdsong, Mr˙ Robert Alexander, Mr˙ Samuel Spencer, and Mr˙ James White, have leave to absent themselves from this Congress.

The Congress taking into consideration the arrangement of the Military Troops ordered to be raised in this Province, as part of and on the same establishment with the Continental Army, and the appointment of Officers to command the said Troops:

Resolved, That they be divided into two Regiments, consisting of five hundred men each; and that four hundred part of the first Regiment be stationed in the District of Wilmington, two hundred in the District of Salisbury, two hundred in the District of Newbern, and two hundred in the District of Edenton; and that the whole number composing the said two Regiments, and every of the above divisions, shall from time, to time be disposed of as this Congress or the Council of Safety shall direct.

Resolved, That the following Officers be and they are hereby appointed to command the First Regiment, viz:

James Moore, Esq˙, Colonel; Francis Nash, Esq˙, Lieutenant-Colonel; Thomas Clark, Esq˙, Major; Mr˙ William Williams, Adjutant.

Captains in the First Regiment: William Davis, Thomas Allon, Alfred Moore, Caleb Granger, William Picket, Robert Rowan, John Walker, Henry Dickson, George Davidson, William Green.

Lieutenants: John Lillington, Joshua Bowman, Lawrence Thompson, Thomas Hogg, William Berryhill, Hector McNeill, Absalom Tatum, Hezekiah Rice, William Brandon, William Hill.

Ensigns: Neil McAlister, Maurice Moore, Jun˙, John Taylor, Howell Tatum, James Childs, Henry Neil, Berryman Turner, George Graham, Robert Rolston, Henry Pope.

For the Second Regiment: Robert Howe, Esq˙, Colonel; Alexander Martin, Lieutenant-Colonel; John Patten, Esq˙, Major; Dr˙ John White, First Captain and Adjutant.

Captains in the Second Regiment; James Blount, Michael Payne, Simon Bright, John Armstrong, Henry Irwin Toole, Hardy Murphry, Charles Crawford, Nathaniel Keais, John Walker.

Lieutenants: John Granger, Clement Hall, William Fenner, Benjamin Williams, Robert Smith, Edward Vail, Jun˙, John Williams, John Herritage, Joseph Tate, James Gee.

Ensigns: Henry Vipon, Whitmill Pugh, John Oliver, Philip Low, James Cooke, John Woodhouse, William Gardner, William Caswell, Benjamin Cleveland, Joseph Clinch.

The Captains to take rank from the time their respective Companies shall be completed; to be certified under the hand of one or more Magistrates of the County, where the


men may be raised; and in case two or more Companies be completed in one day, or any dispute arise about rank, that it be determined by a Court-Martial.

Doctor Isaac Guion is appointed Surgeon to the First Regiment, and Doctor William Pasture Surgeon to the Second Regiment.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.