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Special Meeting


At a special meeting of the Committee of Safety, Present: Robert Morris, Vice-President, Andrew Allen, John Nixon, James Mease, Owen Biddle, Alexander Wilcocks, John Cadwallader, James Biddle, Samuel Morris, Jun˙, George Clymer.

Byorder of the Board Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver the following Ammunition, to be sent down to the Gondolas immediately, viz:

Shot — 18-pounders, 500; 24-pounders, 240; 32-pounders, 60. Cartridges — 18-pounders, 320; 32-pounders, 25.

Captain Greenway was ordered to receive the following Powder, Shot, and Wads, and carry them down in the Pilot-Boats to the Gondolas, and deliver them to the senior Officer, viz:

From Robert Towers: 500 Shot, 18-pounders; 240 Shot, 24-pounders; 60 Shot, 32-pounders; 320 Cartridges, 18-pounders; 25 Cartridges, 32-pounders.

From Captain Reed: 25 Cartridges, 32-pounders; 164 Cartridges, 24-pounders; and all the 24 and 32-pound shot on board his Ship or at Fort-Island, &c.

From Captains Falconer, Wickes, Reed, and the Batteries, a quantity of Wads.

In Committee of Safety, May 13, 1776.