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March 22


Whereas there are sundry Towns in the Colony, settled these few years, both within the lines of what is called Mason' s Patent, and under grants from the Crown, which have not the benefit of Incorporation, and thereby unable to choose proper Officers to assess and collect the Colony Taxes,

It is hereby Resolved, That, upon application of three of the Freeholders of said Town to the Selectmen of the adjoining Town, (if incorporated,) otherwise to the Selectmen of the nearest Town incorporated, they (the Selectmen) are authorized, and hereby required, to undertake and act for such Town, and to take Inventories of Estates, make Rates, and issue Warrants, to such or either of the Freeholders of said Town as they may think suitable persons; to


levy, collect, and receive the said Rates and Taxes, (the charge of the Selectmen' s time in said business to be included and paid by the Town so taxed.) which Tax shall be transmitted to the Receiver-General, according to his warrant.

The House adjourned to to-morrow morning, eight o' clock.

Saturday, March 23,1776.