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Letter from Lord Stirling to Captain Conway



Elizabethtown, December 14, 1775.

SIR: I have received your letter of the 11th inst˙, and much approve of your getting possession of the beds, blankets, and other barrack utensils, at Amboy. Be pleased, by the first opportunity, to furnish me with an exact account of each article you have received, and to be particular with regard to the blankets-distinguishing how many of them are new, how many partly worn, and how many of them are distributed to the men of your company.

The three men you have confined must remain prisoners until we can form a regimental court-martial, which will not be till next week. Powell and Rose are engaged as drum and fife majors to the regiment. The repairs you speak of are absolutely necessary, and I must desire you will get them done, and keep an exact account of the expense.

The men of your company should be kept in constant exercise, especially marching. We are at it here at least five hours every day.

I am, &c˙, STIRLING.

Captain John Conway.