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August 7


Wednesday, August 7,1776.

Met according to adjournment.

The Representation of the Township Committee of Woodbridge, setting forth, that certain persons in the Third Battalion of Philadelphia Militia had insulted and abused Nathaniel Fitz Randolph and Ezekiel Bloomfield, inhabitants of said Township, and praying that this Convention would take the said complaint under consideration; was read, and ordered a second reading.

Letter from Mr˙ Stockton, enclosing certain Resolves of Congress, directing "that this Convention would make such provision for keeping open the communication between the States of New-Jersey and New- York, by way of the Ferries over Passaick and Hackinsack Rivers, as to them shall appear most effectual; and that Congress will reimburse the expenses of such service to the State of New-Jersey; and recommending to the State of New-Jersey to order their Militia immediately to march and join General Mercer; read and filed.

Letter from General Heard, enclosing Return of men in his Brigade; read and filed.

Letter from General Mercer; read and filed.

Resolved, That the Deputies in Convention be allowed at the rate of six shillings a day for every day they have or shall attend during the continuance of this Convention, to be certified by Mr˙ Elmer, Dr˙ Bloomfield, Mr˙ Hand, and Mr˙ Paterson, or any two of them.

Adjourned to three o' clock, afternoon.

Met according to adjournment.

The Remonstrance of certain Freeholders and others, Electors in the County of Salem, against the Resolution which passed this House on the 15th day of July last, on motion of the Deputies of that County, &c˙; read a second time:

Whereas on motion made the 15th day of last month by the Members of the County of Salem, it was resolved, "That the election in that County be by ballot, and that it be held at the Court-House in the Town of Salem, without removing from place to place, anything in the Ordinance for ascertaining the mode and places of election before contained to the contrary notwithstanding:" And whereas a Remonstrance, signed by a great number of the Freeholders and others, Electors of said County, has been presented to this Convention against the above-recited Resolution, praying


that the same may be rescinded, and that the ensuing election in said County may, in every respect, be carried on in the same manner as ordained by Convention for all the other Counties in this State:

It is therefore Resolved, That the election of Members to serve in Legislative Council and Assembly of this State for the County of Salem, and also of one Sheriff and one or more Coroners for said County, to be held on the second Tuesday of this instant August, be conducted in the same manner, and governed by the same regulations as are prescribed and ordained by this Convention for all the other Counties in this State, anything in the above-recited Resolution, which passed on the motion of the Deputies from Salem, to the contrary notwithstanding.

Adjourned till Friday morning, nine o' clock.