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Committee to hold a Conference with the Delegates from Connecticut to General Gage


On application made to this Congress for an order or the Committee of Supplies for one barrel of Powder, for the use of the inhabitants of Falmouth, in Casco-Bay:

Ordered, That this matter be referred to the said Committee of Supplies; they to act thereon as they think test The Order of the Day moved for.

The absent Members were ordered to be called in.

On a motion made, that a Committee be appointed to bring in a Resolve containing a reconsideration of a Resolve passed by this Congress at Concord, the first of April


last, giving it as their opinion, that "if Writs should be issued for calling a General Assembly, to be held on the last Wednesday of May next, that the several Towns in this Colony ought to obey such precepts," and to bring in a Resolve recommending to the several Towns and Districts in this Colony not to obey such precepts: after a long and serious debate, the question was put, and it passed in the affirmative. For the question 94; the whole number of the House 107.

Colonel Warren, Mr˙ Gerry, Colonel Gerrish, Doctor Holten, and Colonel Mandell, were accordingly appointed for this purpose.

Ordered, That Captain Stone, of Framingham, Mr˙ Bent, and Major Fuller, be a Committee to examine the returns of the several Towns and Districts' stocks of Powder, and to bring in a Resolve recommending to such Towns as they think proper, which are not immediately exposed, to furnish the Towns of Falmouth and Arundel with one barrel of Powder each.

Adjourned to three o' clock, this afternoon. Afternoon.

Resolved, That General Putnam and Colonel Porter, who were, with others of the Committee of Safety, appointed by the said Committee of Safety and the Council of War to lay some special matters before this Congress, be admitted into this House, and that Colonel Warren, Mr˙ Devens, and Colonel Gerrish, be a Committee to introduce them.

The left hand front Pew was assigned them to sit in.

The absent Members were directed to attend.

The said Committee, having accordingly attended this Congress, they informed the Congress, that the gentlemen delegated by the Assembly of Connecticut, to execute an embassy to General Gage, had come out of Boston with Letters from him to the Assembly of Connecticut, of which they thought it proper to inform this Congress, that they might take order thereon if they thought fit. Whereupon, Ordered, That the President, Colonel Warren, Doctor Holten, Colonel Gerrish, Colonel Palmer, Doctor Baylies, Doctor Taylor, Mr˙ Gardner, Mr˙ Patritlge, Mr˙ Gerry, and Mr˙ Mills, together with the Committee from the Committee of Safety and Council of War, be a Committee to hold a conference with the said Delegates from Connecticut, and to attend forthwith.

The Committee appointed to inquire into the conduct of the several Towns, relative to the prisoners of war, reported.


Ordered, That Mr˙ Wyman apply to the Committee of Safety, desiring that they would take such measures with respect to the Colony Stores, and two Regular Officers, with their waiters, now at Woburn, as will remove the necessity of keeping so large a guard as is now placed there to guard the same.

The Committee appointed to confer with the Connecticut Delegates, reported, that they had conferred with them on the subject of their embassy, and of the Letter to their Assembly from General Gage; but that they thought it inconsistent with their honour, and the interest of the Colonies, to open it; but that they would use their influence when they returned, to have the contents of it communicated to this Colony.

Moved, That the Delegates from Connecticut be desired to attend this Congress.

After debate, the matter was ordered to subside.

Ordered, That the President, Colonel Warren, Colonel Dwight, Mr˙ Gerry, and Colonel Holten, be a Committee to return the compliments to the gentlemen from Connecticut, for their patient attendance to the inquiry made of them by this Congress, respecting their embassy to General Gage.

Moved, That the Resolve passed yesterday, respecting advance pay for the Soldiers, be reconsidered, so far as it respects Muster-Masters, and that two Muster-Masters be appointed by this Congress.

After debate, the matter was ordered to subside.

Ordered That the President, Mr˙ Gerry, and Colonel Warren, be a Committee to prepare a Letter to the Assembly of Connecticut, respecting their late application to General Gage.

Ordered, That Captain Stone, Mr˙ Mills, Captain McColl,


Doctor Perkins, Colonel Grout, and Mr˙ Kollock, be directed to copy the Depositions of the late hostile proceedings of General Gage' s Troops, to be transmitted to Connecticut.

Adjourned until to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.