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New Assembly meets



At an Assembly held at Philadelphia, the fourteenth day of October, Anno Domini 1774, P˙ M.

By the Returns of the Sheriffs of the several Counties, it appears that the following gentlemen were duly elected and chosen to serve in Assembly as Representatives of the freemen of the Province of Pennsylvania, for the ensuing year, viz:

For the County of PHILADELPHIA. — George Gray, Henry Pawling, John Dickinson, Joseph Parker, Israel Jacobs, Jonathan Roberts, Michael Hillegas, Samuel Rhoads.

For the City of PHILADELPHIA. — Thomas Mifflin, Charles Thomson.

For the County of BUCKS. — John Brown, John Foulke, William Rodman, Benjamin Chapman, Joseph Galloway, Robert Kirkbride, Gerardus Wynkoop, John Haney.

For the County of CHESTER. — Benjamin Bartholomew, John Jacobs, Joseph Pennock, James Gibbons, Isaac Pearson, Charles Humphreys, John Morton, Anthony Wayne.

For the County of LANCASTER. — James Webb, Joseph Ferree, Matthias Slough, George Ross.

For the County of YORK. — James Ewing, Michael Swoope.

For the County of CUMBERLAND. — Wm˙ Allen, John Montgomery.

For the County of BERKS. — Edward Biddle, Henry Chreist.

For the County of NORTHAMPTON. — Wm˙ Edmonds.

For the County of BEDFORD. — Bernhard Dougherty.

For the County of NORTHUMBERLAND. — Sam˙ Hunter.

For the County of WESTMORELAND. — Wm˙ Thompson.

A quorum of the Representatives being met, proceeded, according to the Charter of Privileges and Laws of this Province, to the choice of a Speaker, when Edward Biddle, Esquire, was unanimously chosen Speaker for the ensuing year, and placed in the Chair accordingly.


Ordered, That Mr˙ Gray, Mr˙ Mifflin, Mr˙ Brown, Mr˙ Bartholomew, Mr˙ Webb, Mr˙ Swoope, and Mr˙ Edmonds, be a Committee to wait on the Governour and acquaint him, that, pursuant to the Charter of Privileges and the Laws of this Province, a quorum of the Representatives being met, have chosen a Speaker for the ensuing year, and request to know at what hour to-morrow his Honour will be pleased to receive the House, that they may present their Speaker for his approbation.

The House adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow morning.