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Acknowledgment of Peter Ozeas


To the Committee of Inspection and Observation of the City and Liberties of PHILADELPHIA.

Philadelphia, April 2, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: The mistake which I have committed, in having bought and sold two barrels of coffee at a price higher than that limited by you, has given me extreme pain. Had I adverted to the fatal consequences of such conduct, the regard I have for the publick welfare, and the interest I have taken in the present struggle for liberty, would have wholly prevented my having any share in so destructive a measure. I now, voluntarily, offer to the publick, through this Committee, my sincere acknowledgment for this error, and declare the utmost readiness to acquiesce in any measure which may assure the publick of my exact conformity, in future, to such regulations as this Committee may judge to be for the publick benefit; being fully satisfied of their unbiased attention to the publick good. If this Committee should judge it necessary to publish my case to the world, I shall hold myself extremely obliged if they shall judge it proper to suffer this declaration and acknowledgment to appear at the same time, and order it accordingly.