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Jonathon Trumbull, Jun., to President of Congress



Albany, 16th November, 1776.

SIR: I am just informed by the Secretary of the War Office that there is a resolution of Congress directing me to transmit to them, as soon as possible, an account of all moneys passed through my hands, &c.

Agreeable to this information I send an abstract of moneys received and issued by me, so far as I have been able to complete it. This abstract was preparing for settlement with Commissioners of Accounts. Want of returns from Ticonderoga prevent its being complete to this day. I am advised the chest at that post is empty.

Had I been acquainted that it was the expectation of Congress that returns should be made to them, I should readily complied before this. My instructions, so far as I have ever been favoured with any, have only referred me to Major-General Schuyler. In this line I have hitherto conducted myself.

I fear it will be difficult to make complete returns so often as weekly, from this department; it being so scattered, and having no direct mode of conveyance between the posts, we are obliged to make use of such opportunities as present, and are worthy of confidence. This sometimes occasions considerable intermission. In these circumstances perhaps Congress may judge it sufficient to have returns as often as every two or three weeks.

I should be extremely glad to be informed from time to time of the expectations of Congress respecting my duty, that I may in all things conform to their pleasure.

I am, with much esteem and respect, sir, your most obedient, humble servant,


Honourable John Hancock, Esq.