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Message from Governour Penn


Thursday, March 23, 1775.

The Doorkeeper informed the House that Mr˙ Secretary waited at the door.

Ordered, That he be admitted; and he was admitted accordingly, and presented to the Chair a written Message from his Honour the Governour, with copies of two Proclamations, referred to in the same.

On motion,

Ordered, That the same be read; which was done accordingly.

Ordered, That his Honour the Governour' s Message be transcribed on the Minutes; and follows in these words, to wit:

A Message from the Governour to the Assembly.

GENTLEMEN: At your last sessions in October, I informed you that the jurisdiction of this Government had been extended to the boundary lines now run and marked by Commissioners appointed by the proprietors of Pennsylvania and Maryland, and recommended it to you to establish such divisional lines in the Counties as the settlement of the new boundary might require; but soon after your last adjournment, I was obliged, by His Majesty' s commands, signified to me in a letter from the Secretary of State, by my Proclamation, dated the 2d of November, to supersede that which I had issued on the 15th of September, for the above purpose of extending the jurisdiction until His Majesty' s pleasure should be further known therein.

I have now, gentlemen, the satisfaction, to acquaint you, that I have lately been advised by the Right Honourable the Earl of Dartmouth, that His Majesty, on further consideration of the matter, is graciously pleased to approve of the arrangement made by my Proclamation of the 15th of September, and to permit me to recall that of the 2d of November, so that you are now at full liberty to resume the business I recommended to you at your last session.


New-Castle, 23d March, 1775.