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Confession of Thomas Cowden


Whereas I, Thomas Cowden, of Fitchburgh, in the County of Worcester, have been, by many good people of this Province, accused of being inimical to my Country; for the removal of which accusation, I do now acknowledge that in some things I have acted very imprudently, viz: 1st. By allowing hands under me to work on the Publick Fast recommended by the Association of Boston Ministers. 2d. By speaking diminutively of the County Congress at Worcester, in which they recommended to people not to take Hicks' s and Mills' s Paper. 3d. By endeavouring to hinder two persons, who were at work at a frame for me, to go down when the publick alarm was at Lexington. 4th. By not sufficiently encouraging people to sign the Covenant. 5th. By being too backward in Town affairs, with regard to the liberties of the Country. For all which I am truly sorry; beg the forgiveness of the honourable Board and House of Representatives, and of all the good people of this Country who have been aggrieved or offended thereby, and, in justice to myself, must say, that in these things I erred through judgment, not will; and am now ready to convince the world of this solemn declaration, not only by word and interest, but even exposing my life itself, if my Country calls me thereto.