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Committee to Provide for the Prisoners of War in Hartford


Resolved by this Assembly, That the Committee of Pay Table be directed, and they are hereby directed and ordered, as soon as may be, to prepare and state an account of all the expense and disbursements this Colony hath been at in raising, equipping, and furnishing the Troops lately raised in this Colony, agreeable to Act of this Assembly, for the defence of the invaded rights of America, and all other expense which has been incurred by this Colony in defence and prosecution of the said common cause of America, and transmit to his Honour the Governour an authenticated copy of said accounts, who is hereby desired to transmit the same to the honourable Continental Congress, and request the payment of the balance which shall appear to be due to this Colony.

Resolved by this Assembly, That the Committee of Pay Table be and they are hereby directed to receive, adjust and allow what is reasonable, of the accounts of Physicians, Surgeons, Nurses, and others, who have attended or shall attend upon or support the sick, among the Troops raised by this Colony, who are taken sick in the service either before or on the march to or from their encampments, and not under advantage of being taken care of as the sick in the Army are, and to draw upon the Treasurer of this Colony for the payment thereof accordingly.

Resolved by this Assembly. That the Post now riding from Woodstock toFairfield, through Lebanon, in this Colony, be, and he is hereby directed to be continued by the same person or persons, and under the same regulations and circumstances, at the publick expense, as has been heretofore used and practised, until the further order of this Assembly, or until some other regulations, adequate to the purposes of such Post, shall be made by the Postmaster-General.

Whereas his Honour the Governour, with the Committee of Safety, did order a number of Men, Officers and Soldiers, to be raised for the defence of the Towns of New-Haven, New-London, Lyme, and Stonington, in this Colony, at which places said Officers and Soldiers were stationed from the 20th day of October instant:

Resolved, therefore, by this Assembly, That the Committee of the Pay Table for this Colony be, and they are hereby empowered to receive, examine, and adjust, the several Accounts and Expenditures for the purpose aforesaid, and draw orders for the payment thereof upon the Treasurer of this Colony, who is hereby directed to pay such sums to the chief officer of each Company, respectively, as shall be found due.

Whereas this Assembly, in their session in May last, appointed Colonel Erastus Wolcott, Captain Samuel Wadsworth, Captain Ezekiel Williams, Mr˙ Epaphras Bull, Henry Allyn, Esq˙, Colonel Fisher Gay, Colonel Matthew Talcott, Colonel James Wadsworth, Captain Jonathan Wells, Ebeneser White, Esq˙, and Colonel Jonathan Humphrey, a Committee, with instructions, at the expense of this Colony, to take care of and provide for a number of Officers and Soldiers, with their Families, &c˙, who were then Prisoners of War in the Town of Hartford; and this Assembly being informed that a number of such Prisoners are now in this Colony, and no provision is made for their confinement and support, therefore,

Resolved, That the Committee aforesaid be empowered, and they are hereby fully authorized, to take care of and provide for all such Prisoners as are or shall be ordered and directed to this Colony by authority, in the same manner as in said Act they are directed.

Whereas a former Assembly did appoint Daniel Sherman and Benjamin Stiles, Esquires, a Committee to pay off the Prizes in the Ousatonick River Lottery, that were not discharged by the Managers of said Lottery; and for that purpose did order the Treasurer of this Colony to deliver into the hands of said Sherman and Stiles, Esquires, the sum of five hundred Pounds, lawful money, whereof they were to account to this Assembly; and whereas no account has been rendered by those gentlemen.


Resolved by this Assembly, That Colonel Oliver Wolcott, and Andrew Adams, Esq˙, be a Committee to settle and adjust accounts with the said Daniel Sherman and Benjamin Stiles, Esquires, of their doings in the premises, and receive of them whatever sum or part of said five hundred Pounds may be left in their hands, not disposed of for the use aforesaid; and said former Committee are directed to render their account and payment, as aforesaid, to the present Committee, who are to make report to the next General Assembly, of their doings in the premises.

Resolved by this Assembly, That his Honour the Governour be desired to write to the Continental Congress, and state the several matters relative to the Prisoners of War who now are or hereafter shall be brought into this Colony, and request the direction of said Congress in what manner the Officers and Soldiers who are Prisoners as aforesaid shall be provided for and supported, and how and in what manner the expense incurred thereby shall be defrayed; and that his Honour transmit, therewith, a copy of General Washington' s Letter to the Committee of Inspection at Hartford, respecting Major French and his companions; also, said French' s request, contained in his Billet to Mr˙ Payne, and Captain William Delaplace' s Memorial, preferred to this Assembly.

Resolved by this Assembly, That the Accounts exhibited to this Assembly, for allowance, by John Boles, Jun˙, and John Boles, 3d, both of New-London, for sundry articles supplied to Officers and Soldiers raised in this Colony, be referred to the Committee of Pay Table, who are directed to examine and adjust said Accounts, and to draw on the Treasurer for what they shall allow therein, and charge the same to the respective Officers at whose request the said articles were had, as appears by said Accounts, to be adjusted, upon settlement, between said Committee of Pay Table and said Officers; which said Accounts said Committee of Pay Table are directed to receive and keep for that purpose.

This Assembly do appoint Jonathan Fitch, Esq˙, to be Colonel of the Second Regiment of Militia in this Colony, in the room of Colonel Leveret Hubbard, resigned.

Major William Danielson to be Lieutenant-Colonel of the Eleventh Regiment in this Colony, in the room of Lieutenant-Colonel Putnam, promoted.

Captain Samuel McClellan to be Major of the Eleventh Regiment in this Colony, in the room of Major Danielson, promoted.

Joseph Hopkins, Esq˙, and Captain Samuel Fords are appointed a Committee to repair to the Lead Mines in New-Canaan, and examine into the quality, state, and circumstances thereof, and report the same to this Assembly at their next session.

On information of the state, circumstances, and doings, of the West Military Company or Trainband, in the Society of Northbury, in the Town of Waterbury,

Resolved by this Assembly, That said Company or Trainband be, and the same is hereby dissolved; and that all persons living within the limits of the same, who by law are obliged to perform military duty, be annexed to the remaining Companies or Trainbands in said Society, in manner following, viz: All such persons who now do or hereafter shall dwell in said Society, southward and westward of a line beginning at the north end of the dwelling-house of David Smith, in said Society, then running westward, as the Highway runs, over Naugatuck River, to a place (Twich-Grass Brook) near the south side of Captain David Blakesly' s house, then running up said Brook till it comes to Litchfield line, and not belonging to the Company or Trainband under the command of Captain Jesse Curtiss, shall be annexed to the Company or Trainband now under the command of Captain Nathaniel Barns; and that all persons who now do or shall hereafter dwell in said Society, northward and eastward of the line aforesaid, and not included in the original limits of the said Company or Trainband, under the command of said Captain Barns, be and are annexed to the Company or Trainband now under the command of Captain Jesse Curtiss; always provided, that nothing in this Resolve shall be construed to prevent any person from enlisting into the Company or Trainband under the command of said Captain Curtiss, as by law is already provided.