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Letter from Robert H. Harrison to William Bartlett



Cambridge, January 10, 1776.

SIR: By Colonel Glover' s account, I find that Captain Manly and Captain Burke have engaged, what, in my opinion will, with the officers, be a sufficient number for these small vessels. If the guns belonging to Captain Darby cannot be purchased, they must be replaced out of the two vessels that are not in such forwardness. We shall afterwards think of supplying them. There are two pieces at Cape Ann, out of the ordnance store-ship, and two at Beverly, out of the Concord; these are good guns, and will help. Indeed, I think four as good as six, for the purpose these vessels are fitted out.

The treasury is at present very low. You must, therefore, wait for money until a remittance comes from Philadelphia. We are every day expecting it.

Colonel Glover tells me that both Manly and Burke engaged to advance a month' s pay. It was wrong, except the people engaged for twelve months. If they did not, I do not think them entitled to it. However, if you find it will retard the sailing of the vessels, I wish you would raise money, and advance it to them yourself, as the General will not choose to have their accounts blended with the accounts of the Army; which must be the case if Colonel Glover advances the money to them. It will save much trouble, and, at the same time, be your own interest, to keep all the accounts of these vessels in your own hands.

I am, sir, yours, &c˙,


To William Bartlett, Esq˙, Beverly.