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New-Hampshire Committee of Safety


July 8, 1775. — Upon application of Selectmen of Newtown, informing that they had been opposed in endeavouring to apprehend a deserter from the Army, in order to send him back, and requesting advisement thereon, wrote to inhabitants of said Town, as follows:


In Committee of Safety, Exeter, July 8, 1775.

Whereas, the Provincial Congress have recommended to the several and respective Committees in the several Towns, Parishes, and Precincts in this Colony, to take up and secure deserters from the American Army, and cause them to be conveyed safely to their proper Officers at Head-Quarters; and this measure must appear to every one to be of great importance to the American cause; and as we are informed the Town of Newtown, having no such Committee, the Selectmen laudably therefore endeavoured to answer the design of the Congress in sending back a deserter, but not without opposition in accomplishing the same: We therefore recommend it to the inhabitants of Newtown (whose zeal and disposition to serve the common cause, we cannot doubt) that they exert themselves in endeavouring to have such deserters apprehended and returned to their respective Companies, and in supporting the Selectmen and others in doing the same; and that all such persons as shall endeavour by any means to obstruct or hinder them herein be taken proper notice of, according to the nature of their offence, and if need be put under guard. And also that the Town, as soon as may be, proceed to choose a Committee, as recommended by the Congress.