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Letter from Maryland Council of Safety to Captains Henry and Kent



No˙ 55.

Annapolis, March 12, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: We have received your favour of the 28th February, communicating the agreeable information that our letter of the 14th had given much satisfaction to you and your respective companies, and also that you had arrived at your station, after a long and fatiguing march, in good health and spirits; and are sorry it is not in our power to make provision for those gentlemen who, at your request, attended you in the character of physicians; however, we assure you we will represent the matter to the next Convention, and do not doubt they will take it into consideration, and compensate them for their trouble, and the services they may render. We will supply you, by the first safe opportunity, with what money we apprehend may be sufficient to defray the expenses of your march up, and furnish you with the Continental Regulations relative to wages and rations, as soon as we can procure them.

The assurances you give us, that you will endeavour to render all the satisfaction you can to the inhabitants of Northampton County, are very agreeable, as we are fully confident you will act correspondently to your profession, which will redound much to the honour of your Province, and reflect deserved encomiums on yourselves.

We are, &c.

To Captains Henry and Kent.