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Colonel McDougall to General Sullivan



New-York, October 22, 1775.

SIR: We impatiently wait for intelligence from St˙ John' s, and have not had any from thence to be relied on since September, nor since the batteries were opened against it. The Viper, sloop-of-war, has aped the piratical conduct of the Ministerial ships to the eastward, by taking several of our vessels, inward bound, without so much as the least colour of their having violated any of the acts of trade. Nothing can more clearly manifest the absurdity and injustice of the present measures against this distressed Country, than the violations of those acts which they contend ought to bind the Americans, and which they come to enforce against them by every artifice their wicked hearts can, suggest. Will a God of justice suffer such matchless wickedness to pass with impunity? Surely he will not.

This will be delivered to you by Mr˙ Richard Ray, of this place, whom I beg leave to introduce to you. He goes to the eastward to see the camp. If your attention to the publick service will permit you to show him the civilities due to a gentleman and a stranger, they will be gratefully acknowledged as done to, Sir, your humble servant,


Brigadier-General John Sullivan, Cambridge.